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How to Use Allegro

Sending a Message

After logging in to your dashboard, you can start composing your first message by clicking the "New Message" button. You can specify your message's recipient by their username or email address. Alternatively, if you know neither of these, you can find your classmate on the classmates page where you can open the composer with the recipient already filled with their username by clicking the "send message" button after you selected them.

You can compose your message using Markdown text formatting. You can learn about more about supported text formatting here.

Messages can optionally be sent silently -without a notificatin email- for use when the message is not urgent. You can do so with the related checkbox in the composer.

Replying to a Message

In your inbox, when you select a message, you can see a reply icon on the top right corner of the message. Clicking that will generate a reply template for that message, similar to email replies.

Deleting a Message

You can delete a selected message by clicking to the delete icon on the top right corner of the message. Messages in your inbox can be removed from your inbox, and messages you've sent can be deleted permanently including from the recipient's inbox.

Drafting a Message

In the composer, you can save a message as draft by clicking "Save as draft". You can then find it in the drafts tab in your dashboard where you can edit and send it by clicking the edit icon on the top right corner of the message (when it's selected) when you're ready.

When a message cannot be sent because of invalid input, it is saved as draft automatically.

Note: The recipient is not saved with the draft and must be filled when sending the message.

Changing Your Account's Settings

Account Details

You can update your account details on the account details tab of the account page. When you change your email address, you are required to confirm this action through an email sent to your original email address.

Similarly, you can update your password on the security tab.

Privacy and Notifications

You can choose to hide your email address or online status from other users on the privacy tab. By default, both of these settings are on.

Notification and promotion emails can also be opted-out on the communication tab.

Getting Support

You can find answers to frequently asked questions and contact Allegro team should you experience any problem or have a question here.